Nothing Less than 100%, Nothing More than 350

Nothing Less than 100%, Nothing More than 350

Friday, November 19, 2010

SJSF Current Action

Below is the up to date draft of the statement SJSF will be encouraging people, politicians, and community groups to sign onto..

"Burning fossil fuels threatens the health of our communities, the integrity of our climate, and the stability of our world. As an organization that has stake in a just and stable future, we recognize that society must stop burning fossil fuels as fast as we can. We also recognize the imperative to stop burning coal first, the dirtiest of all fuels. We join the call for the leaders of Massachusetts to phase out coal by 2015 and replace it with increased efficiency, reduced demand, and 100% clean, renewable electricity by 2020.We understand the importance and opportunities in transitioning towards a low-carbon future where sustainability and justice prevail in our communities.”

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meeting Notes for Nov 7th

Notes 11.7.10
·         Updates
o   Recent transition to coal by 2015 goal
o   Phase out of coal becomes a larger part of SJSF
o   Clean Caucus:
§  Assemble a group of politicians who have signed on to phase out coal
§  Introduce a bill on coal—moratorium
§  Make it a powerful goal with a core group of politicians
o   Politics, looking forward, getting people interested
·         Alternatives to coal รจ work with legislators to tax coal, and use the taxes to build renewable
·         MA uses about 40% coal
o   Worst polluter
o   Makes a huge statement
o   Health issues
·         PCC
o   Amherst High
§  6 weekend
§  A few day ppl
o   3 Mount Holyoke
o   7 Hampshire
o   4 Amherst
o   2
o   About 22
·         Transportation
o   Amherst 3 open seats –best case
o   Worst case—one person
o   Mino Driving??
o   Umass could get a van? -7 person
·         What is the purpose of the NE COP/Wesleyan Pricing Carbon Conference??
o   Try to get out of it what we want
o   Clear plan of what we need to do
o   Get everyone in New England on the same page
·         Barn Raising
o   A lot of weatherization projects already going on
o   We want to make the connections between elderly and low income homeowners
o   Partner with some long name thing
§  Want us to partner with them and do their stuff
o   Talk to Erica if you are interested
·         Get people to sign a letter about clean coal
o   Letter = one paragraph stating that you are anti clean coal
o   Where/how/what could we hold an event to get people to sign this letter?
§  Amherst center
§  Other events?
§  Burn coal, capture the gas, see who wants to breathe it
§  Quit coal T-shirts
§  Cupcakes
§  Go around to community groups before holding an event
§  Make sure we already have signatures first
§  Going to a legislator and saying “sign on to our gosh darn letter”
§  Invite people, not like force them
§  With Amherst 350
§  Hot chocolate event
§  Universal sign representing no coal
§  Public display on the commons
§  Dump a truck of coal on the commons
§  It might be cold, but it’s still heating up
§  There are other ways to keep warm besides burning coal
§  Show “burning the future” (In Amherst Cinema?)
·         Make this a huge event that involves the community
·         December- second week?
§  3 types of possible events:
·         Meet with legislator
·         Small potluck with community groups and legislators
·         Huge event, such as dumping coal on the commons
o   Community groups first
o   Get legislators to sign on
·         Planning committee for Amherst Cinema
o   Jibben
o   Jonathan
o   Jess
o   Mel
o   Sarah Grace
o   (ARHS)

·         Event on the commons
o   .
·         Halloween Costumes

Worcester Sleep-out Photos

The sleep-out in Worcester was a big success! We had a lot of fun playing games, eating, marching from Worcester Commons to Institute Park, and hearing from some amazing speakers (including Jill Stein!) to protest dirty electricity. Here are some photos of our WMAHSJSFers at the sleep-out...